Extra funding for Catholic teachers

322 training places across Scotland.

The number of teachers qualifying to work in Catholic schools will rise to 322 next year as a result of nearly £100,000 of additional support from the Scottish Government, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced today.

Delivering the annual Cardinal Winning Lecture at the University of Glasgow, she confirmed that total investment in the Catholic Teacher Education Programme will be £127,000 – up from £28,000 last year.

The investment will enable 322 student teachers to gain the Catholic Teaching Certificate (CTC) – 46 more than last year. The CTC is a prerequisite for teaching in a Catholic school.

The funding will mean that the training will be available at Aberdeen University for the first time, alongside Glasgow, Edinburgh and Strathclyde.

The First Minister said:

“2018 is the centenary of the legislation that brought Roman Catholic schools into Scotland’s state education system. In that time, Catholic schools have made a tremendous contribution to Scottish education, and this is something we want to see continue.

“The Scottish Government is committed to ensure that all schools – both denominational and non-denominational - have the right number of teachers in place.

“I am therefore delighted that the increased investment I am announcing today will fund 322 training places – giving additional career choice for trainee teachers, and making it easier for Catholic schools to recruit.”


The Catholic Teacher Education Programme is delivered by the University of Glasgow in partnership with three other universities.

Last year, the Scottish Government co-funded the Catholic Teacher Education Programme with the University of Glasgow, providing £28,000 towards the training of 93 students at Edinburgh and Strathclyde Universities. A further 183 places were offered at the University of Glasgow itself.

This year, £127,000 will be provided to fund all 322 training places - 126 at Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Aberdeen, and 196 in Glasgow.


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