Empowering education

Reforms to put children at heart of system.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney has set out his vision of empowerment and devolution for Scottish education.

At the School Leaders Scotland summer conference, the DFM reiterated his pledge to make teachers and parents the key decision makers in schools.

It comes ahead of a statement to Parliament by Mr Swinney next week, subject to Parliamentary approval, when he will set out the next steps for education reform.

The Deputy First Minister said:

“As part of the relentless drive to improve Scottish education, we must embrace the need to reform and reshape our education system. To close the attainment gap and raise the bar for all, decisions about a child’s learning should be made as close to that child as possible.

“That is why I have pledged to make teachers and parents the key decision makers in the life of a school. Reforms already introduced, such as Pupil Equity Funding, put the power to change lives directly in the hands of those with the expertise and insight to target resources at the greatest need.

“We must go further to drive improvements, putting young people at the heart of Scottish education and supporting and empowering headteachers, teachers and parents. Later this month, I will set out the actions which will achieve this. 

“This is a vision of empowerment and devolution – devolution from local authorities to schools, including teachers, headteachers, parents and communities – and devolution from a national to a local or a regional level to drive improvement in Scottish education."


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