Emergency funding for sport

£55 million to help cover lost ticket revenue.

A £55 million emergency sports funding package to tackle lost ticket revenue during the pandemic has been announced today by Sports Minister Joe FitzPatrick.

The funding will comprise grants and low-interest loans, including £30 million for Scottish Football at all levels of the game. Scottish Rugby will benefit from £20 million, alongside funding for basketball, netball, motor sport, horse racing and ice hockey, including support for ice rinks that support Scotland’s world-class curling programmes as well as recreational and professional skating. 

The package comes in addition to sportscotland’s £1.5 million COVID Recovery Support Fund. In partnership with the Scottish Government, the agency also loosened the criteria for its £32 million planned annual investment for the sports sector during the pandemic, allowing sports organisations to protect 1,600 jobs.

Mr FitzPatrick said:

“I am pleased to announce this substantial funding package, which will help to ensure those sports which have been worst affected by the loss of ticket revenue during the pandemic are able to bridge the gap in revenue until spectators are able to return safely to sports events in larger numbers.

“While restrictions on supporters at events have been vital in stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives, there can be no doubt that they have created real hardships for many sports clubs. These clubs are at the heart of our communities and, without urgent financial support, the survival of some could be in question. I’m delighted that we are able to provide significantly more support than the Barnett consequential funding received from the UK Government Sports Winter Survival package.

“I recognise that for football in particular, governing bodies, clubs and, of course, supporters themselves are desperate to see fans back as soon as possible. Sport brings great enjoyment to the many people who watch and play, and we don’t want supporters to be delayed in returning to stadiums for any longer than is absolutely necessary.”

sportscotland Chief Executive Stewart Harris said:

“This announcement is very welcome as the funding will help protect the immediate future of many clubs over the coming months.

“We will continue to work with a range of Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport and the Scottish Government to prioritise this funding to ensure the survival of the sports at the heart of our communities.

“With the roll out of the vaccine this week there is real hope that we are beginning to see our way out of this pandemic, and we need to make certain that sport is in a good place and is a prominent part of the overall recovery plan.”


On 19 November the UK Government announced a £300 million rescue package for sport in England. The majority of this, £250 million, was made up of loans, with £50 million in resource funding. No support was provided to either the men’s English Premier League or the men’s English Football League. During that announcement in the House of Commons, the UK Minister for Sport confirmed that consequentials would be forthcoming from that funding package.

In April, sportscotland and the Scottish Government loosened the criteria for the planned annual investment for Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport and local partners, releasing 50 per cent of the total (£16 million). The remaining 50 per cent was released in August on similar terms. This has helped to protect more than 1,000 jobs in SGBs and a further 600 with local partners, clubs and community organisations as part of the Community Sport Hub (CSH), Direct Club Investment (DCI) and Active Schools programmes.

The full breakdown of the £55 million emergency sports fund announced today is as follows:

Scottish Football

£20 million loan funding for the Scottish Premiership and £10 million in grants for all other levels outwith the Premiership – including tiers below the SPFL and women’s football

Scottish Rugby

£15 million in grants and £5 million in loan funding


£300,000 in grants


£100,000 in grants


£400,000 in grants

Ice Hockey and Ice rinks

£200,000 in grants for ice hockey and £2 million in grants for ice rinks


£2 million in grants


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