Early Learning and Childcare expansion programme

New initiative will boost quality of childcare.  

A new induction pack has been launched for people working in early learning and childcare (ELC). 

The pack - aimed primarily at new staff - will help them understand how to get funding for further qualifications, the legal requirements for working in childcare and where to get information and support throughout their career. 

This will help raise the quality of childcare and ensure that staff, throughout their careers and wherever they work, have the right knowledge and skills to deliver quality learning for pre-school children.

The Scottish Government is almost doubling entitlement to ELC from August 2020 to 1140 hours a year.

Up to 11,000 additional workers – or 9,000 full time equivalents – are needed to work in the sector from August next year. 

Children’s Minister Maree Todd said:

“We want Scotland to be the best place in the world to grow up, and that means that every child, regardless of their circumstances, should be given the opportunity to realise their full potential. 

“Nearly doubling entitlement to 1140 hours per year has to go hand in hand with raising quality.

“With 34,000 people already working in childcare in Scotland, and up to another 11,000 set to join them, getting it right from the first moment people set foot in their workplace with consistent advice and support is essential.

“We have worked with the sector to create the induction resource, and will continue to develop and improve it over time, with the aim of making sure everyone working in this exciting sector will have the best possible experience with all the right support.”

The Scottish Social Services Council Chief Executive (SSSC) Lorraine Gray said:

“Thousands of new workers are joining the sector to deliver the expansion of early learning and childcare provision, so this induction resource is very welcome.

“It will help employers provide new staff with key information on SSSC registration, the qualifications they will need to hold or work towards and the SSSC Codes of Practice which outline the values and behaviours expected of workers. It will also help workers know their responsibilities and has useful sources of support.”


The National Induction Resource

The National Induction Resource is available here: http://learningzone.workforcesolutions.sssc.uk.com/AppResources/earlylearning.pdf

The National Standard for Early Learning and Childcare Providers

Please see links to more information on the National Standard below:


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