Dyslexia support funding doubles

New training tools to be developed for teachers.

Funding for a charity supporting children with dyslexia is being doubled, Deputy First Minister John Swinney has announced.

Dyslexia Scotland will receive £200,000 funding in 2017/18 to support their work, which includes a helpline, dyslexia assessments and tutoring.

New tools to help teachers address the needs of pupils with dyslexia are also being developed.

The Addressing Dyslexia toolkit has been revised to make it more accessible and easier to use. The free online resource helps teachers support children with dyslexia and literacy issues.

Free online training courses are also being developed to help teachers identify dyslexia early and improve support for pupils as they learn and when preparing to leave school.

Mr Swinney announced the funding at the launch of the refreshed toolkit today, where he met young  ambassadors for Dyslexia Scotland and the charity’s president, Sir Jackie Stewart.

Mr Swinney said:

“It is vital that young people with dyslexia get the support they need so they can achieve their potential. Today I have met young people who show just how much can be achieved with the right identification and support. But we also know there is more to be done.

“That is why we are doubling the funding we provide to Dyslexia Scotland, to support their work in improving opportunities and supporting children and their families.

“To help children get the right start in life, teachers must be properly equipped to identify dyslexia early and provide the right support, which is why we have refreshed our Addressing Dyslexia toolkit, and created new online training tools.”

Sir Jackie Stewart said:

“I cannot emphasise how important it is for all teachers – and I mean all teachers - to use this free, comprehensive and informative Toolkit. For the sake of the 10-15% of children and young people with dyslexia in Scotland, my hope is that teachers, schools and local authorities actively promote this invaluable guidance and the accompanying online training. My sincere thanks go to the expert working group that has made this possible.

“My own experience at school scarred me for life due to the ignorance of my teacher – and we know that there are still too many young people not being identified and supported today. Therefore, I am delighted and very grateful that the Scottish Government has supported this initiative and that the Deputy First Minister has today announced that the funding to Dyslexia Scotland will be doubled next year.”


The Addressing Dyslexia toolkit was first launched in 2010.

The first of three online training modules – entitled ‘Introduction to dyslexia and inclusive practice’ – has been developed. It will be available on the Addressing Dyslexia, Open University and Dyslexia Scotland websites and through Education Scotland’s digital sites.


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