Delivering a green budget

Scottish Budget prioritising the climate emergency.

Tackling the global climate emergency will be at the heart of the Scottish Budget this week.

Speaking ahead of the budget, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said:

“This week I will set out the Scottish Government’s spending plans for the year ahead.

“The global climate emergency was at the centre of our Programme for Government and will be a priority theme in the budget this week.

“We have already put in place the most ambitious climate legislation and targets of any country including decarbonising Scotland’s railways by 2035 and making the Highlands and Islands the world’s first net zero aviation region by 2040.

“This budget will set out how our spending plans and investments will help us achieve these ambitions.

“We will also provide certainty for local government and vital public services. Despite the delay to the UK Government announcing its budget, we will confirm individual local authority funding allocations, having already announced that we are giving them the flexibility to increase their council tax levels by up to 3% in real terms.

“We will not stand by while the UK Government’s benefit cuts are hitting the poorest in Scotland so we will continue to mitigate the worst effects of these cuts to support low income households and tackle child poverty head on.

“I am focused on delivering a budget that promotes inclusive economic growth and puts wellbeing at the heart of our economic strategy to ensure as many people as possible across the country benefit.

“However, as we set out our spending priorities for the year, Brexit remains the biggest threat to our economy and the risk of a ‘no deal’ Brexit is still on the table with the UK Government ruling out any extension to the transition period.

“In a period of great uncertainty caused by Brexit, the national interest demands that the Scottish Parliament passes this budget in good order, and I urge all parties to work constructively to ensure that happens.”


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