Council tax reduction scheme helps households save £3bn

Minister urges those eligible to apply for support with the cost of living.

Scottish households have saved more than £3 billion in council tax since the Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme was introduced almost ten years ago.

The latest figures published by the Scottish Government show 456,790 recipients received CTR in October 2022, meaning around one-in-five households were benefiting from the scheme.

People on low incomes are eligible for CTR if they live in Scotland – there is no equivalent benefit in England where most councils require each household to contribute a minimum amount of council tax, irrespective of ability to do so.

People who receive CTR save on average £750 a year and become eligible for up to 35% off their water and waste charges.

Public Finance Minister Tom Arthur said:

“The Council Tax Reduction scheme celebrates its tenth anniversary in April 2023 and these latest figures show the scale of support it has provided to people in Scotland over the last decade.

“The cost of living crisis is disproportionately affecting poorer households and now, more than ever, it is important everyone is aware of the help that is available.

“Some people are also eligible for other council tax discounts or sometimes full exemptions, including students, people with disabilities and carers amongst others.

“I urge people to check their eligibility for council tax reduction and other financial support by visiting our online resources or by contacting their local council.”


People can check whether they are eligible for Council Tax Reduction through or by contacting their local council. Details of other help available including extra financial support or for things like food, heating and electricity can be found on the Scottish Government’s cost of living crisis support website.

Council Tax Reduction: April 2013 to October 2022 were published on 13 December 2022.


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