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First Minister: Call to extend Article 50.

The UK Government should move to extend the Article 50 process, to allow time for alternatives to be found to the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit deal and a no-deal outcome, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said.  

Speaking following the latest Joint Ministerial Committee (Plenary) in London today, she said:

“I have today urged the Prime Minister to seek approval from the EU to extend Article 50 – allowing for an alternative solution and to stop the clock on the deal that has been proposed, as it clearly does not command support.

“With only 100 days now left before the UK is due to leave the EU, the UK Government must make clear it will not countenance the possibility of a no-deal, and start putting people’s jobs and living standards first.

“The urgent priority now is to secure support for an option other than the Prime Minister’s proposal or a no-deal outcome, which is why an Article 50 extension has become essential.    

 “Today's immigration white paper typifies the treatment of Scotland on issues related to Brexit. Our national interests are ignored and the Scottish Government's views dismissed. I set out to the Prime Minister the devastating impact these proposals would have on the Scottish economy and public services and explained why they must be changed.

“While today’s meeting was an opportunity to put forward the Scottish Government’s view, there has been far too little meaningful consultation with the devolved administrations throughout the Brexit process.”  


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