A fair economy supporting Scotland’s people

Priorities for sustainable growth outlined.

Fair work and more efficient public services will be at the heart of Scotland’s economy, Deputy First Minister Shona Robison has pledged.

Plans to deliver real benefits to the people of Scotland through a strong, green economy, underpinned by the most progressive tax system in the UK, are outlined in the Scottish Government’s Portfolio Prospectus which pledges firm actions to be achieved by 2026.

These include:

  • creating the UK’s most progressive tax system to deliver public services, tackle poverty and grow the wellbeing economy
  • increasing the number of workers earning at least the real living wage, while narrowing the gender pay gap
  • making Scotland a leading European start-up nation, in which more businesses are created and grow to scale
  • growing international exports while diversifying into new markets
  • laying foundations to produce 5 Gigawatts (GW) of hydrogen production by 2030, as part of a Scottish hydrogen supply chain
  • implementing a New Deal for Local Government, including a fiscal framework, to tackle collective challenges and improve outcomes

The Deputy First Minister was joined by Wellbeing Economy Secretary Neil Gray on a visit to Dear Green Coffee Roasters in Glasgow – a company based on fair work principles and sustainability which embodies the vision for a wellbeing economy.

Ms Robison said:

“The Scottish Government’s Policy Prospectus lays out the practical measures we will take to transform the economy, deepen our relationship with business and maximise the value of our public spending.

“Developing a wellbeing economy is not just good social practice, it makes sound economic sense. By focusing on strong public services, we can help disabled people, the long-term sick and those with caring responsibilities to get back into work. While paying a fair wage, and reducing the gender pay gap, can produce a committed workforce which in turn will help increase productivity and improve staff retention.

“We will work in partnership with local government to update the way it is financed and improve collaboration. Underpinning this will be stable, sustainable public finances delivering people-focused public services and supporting Scotland’s net-zero goals. Our resources will be focused where they can have the maximum impact, such as laying the foundations of a hydrogen supply chain and supporting internationally competitive green technologies, health and life sciences and advanced manufacturing.”


The Scottish Government’s Policy Prospectus is based on three missions: equality, opportunity and community.

Dear Green roasts speciality coffees to sell online and to the hospitality industry. It is a B-Corp – balancing profit with people and the planet – and promotes sustainability and fair work practices. The company pays the real Living Wage and donates a portion of its turnover to supporting charities.


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