Women and Girls in Sport Advisory Board


This group is no longer active.



The board remit and membership are under review to ensure that it can fully align with priority areas across government and the recovery of sport from the COVID-19 pandemic. The report and recommendations within 'Levelling the Playing Field' produced in 2019 by the board are still priorities.

The women and girls in sport advisory board was established to provide independent advice to the Minister for Public Health and Sport on female participation and awareness raising in all areas of sport and physical activity.

The board is made up of key leaders from the world of women's sport, business and media and full membership can be viewed here.

The focus of the board will be on ensuring:

  • we are driving participation, marketing and awareness of Scottish women and girls in sport
  • every woman and girl in Scotland is given best the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity, no matter their background
  • we raise awareness on the importance of sport and physical activity for women & girls and the positive impact that it has on their physical and mental health
  • we recognise the significant contribution that female leaders within sport have in providing crucial strong role models who motivate, promote and inspire women and girls to participate in sport and physical activity

In 2019, during Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week, the group released the Levelling the Playing Field 2019 Report and Recommendations. This report contains the first steps in what the board believe is needed in Scotland to start to create gender balance within sport. These changes will proactively address, on a systematic level, the change that is required to not make mistakes of the past, but continue to improve towards a more gender-equal Scotland.

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