Population Taskforce


A Population Taskforce was established in June 2019 to consider Scotland’s future population challenges. 

This includes intensifying existing interventions where they are effective and developing solutions to address demographic and population change. The taskforce meets quarterly.

The Population Programme dashboard can be used to monitor progress and understand the demographic challenges in Scotland. 

Related groups


  • Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture (Chair)
  • Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport
  • Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government
  • Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment 
  • Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands
  • Minister for Public Finance and Migration
  • Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation
  • Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning
  • Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills
  • Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science

Other ministers may attend the taskforce depending on the items on the agenda. 

Ministers and officials supporting the taskforce regularly meet representatives from local government and other partners, some of whom attend the Population Programme Board, which forms part of the governance structure of the taskforce.