Police Negotiating Board for Scotland (PNBS)


The Police Negotiating Board for Scotland (PNBS) is a public body that negotiates the pay, terms and conditions of police officers in Scotland.

We reach agreements which we recommend to Scottish ministers to become part of police regulations and determinations.

PNBS is a Scottish public body, with the Chair appointed by Scottish ministers. PNBS is sponsored by Police Division within the Scottish Government Safer Communities Directorate

PNBS replaced the Police Negotiating Board in August 2023.

What we do

We are responsible for negotiating police officers:

  • pay, allowances and expenses
  • public holidays and leave
  • hours of duty

The board may consider and make representations to the Scottish ministers on draft determinations or regulations or any matter relating to the governance, administration and conditions of service of police officers in Scotland.

We publish an annual report detailing the business of the PNBS for the previous 12 months. We also publish circulars which set out agreements reached.

Who we are

Our Chair is Lisa Blackett. Lisa was appointed Chair of PNBS on 18 September 2023 for 4 years. You can read more about Lisa and details of the appointment in the news release.

The Chairperson of the PNBS is appointed by the Scottish ministers in accordance with the Public Appointments and Public Bodies etc. (Scotland) Act 2003.

The board consists of an official side and a staff side representing the constituent bodies. Each side appoints a side secretary.

The official side consists of the Scottish ministers; the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) and Police Scotland. The current official side secretary is Sarah Messenger.

The staff side consists of the Scottish Police Federation (SPF), the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS) and the Scottish Chief Police Officers Staff Association (SCPOSA). The current staff side secretary is David Kennedy.

The Secretariat, answerable to the Chair, is provided by the Scottish Government. The current Secretariat is Scott McNeil. You can contact the Secretariat on PNBS@gov.scot

How we work

Meetings of the PNBS take place at least three times a year. The Chair agrees the agenda based on priorities and proposals from the side secretaries. There may also be sub-committees and working groups ongoing at the agreement of the Chair. 

Minutes of meetings, details of agreements and reports of our work are available on this page.

About the PNBS


Enabling legislation

The legislation for the Police Negotiating Board for Scotland (PNBS) is set out under the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, in particular Chapter 8A and Schedule 2A. The body was brought into force through Regulations and two Commencement Orders (No. 7 and No. 8) which were laid before the Scottish Parliament on 4 May 2023, coming into force on 17 August 2023. PNBS replaced the PNB which was abolished at that time.

Public body status

PNBS is a new Scottish public body, set as an ‘other significant body’ with the Chair appointed by the Scottish ministers.  

PNBS constitution

In accordance with paragraph 5 of Schedule 2A of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, the Scottish ministers prepared and published the PNBS constitution.

The constitution sets out how the PNBS will carry out its functions to negotiate the pay, terms and conditions of police officers in Scotland. The constitution also sets out how conciliation and arbitration should be used when all other options are exhausted.

Sponsorship branch

PNBS is sponsored by the Scottish Government, Safer Communities, Police Division. You can contact the sponsorship branch on police_division_hub_mailbox@gov.scot

Police Negotiating Board

Up until 17 August 2023, the Police Negotiating Board (PNB) negotiated the terms and conditions for police officers in Scotland.

You can find further information on the PNB in the archive. This includes a guide to the Police Negotiating Board, annual reports and circulars. You can also view PNB content prior to 2018.



We publish minutes, annual reports, circulars and other relevant material subject to the approval of the Chair and requirements of freedom of information legislation.

Annual reports 

The Chair of the PNBS is required to produce an annual report for Scottish ministers, detailing the business of the PNBS for the previous 12 months up to 31 December each year. 

You can find annual reports from the predecessor to the PNBS, the Police Negotiating Board, on this page.


Circulars set out agreements between staff and official sides. Approved circulars are published on this page.

You can find circulars from the Police Negotiating Board on this page.

Freedom of information requests


The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 requires PNBS as a Scottish public body to make information available to the public and respond to requests for information. The Act also requires that we produce and maintain a publication scheme.

The PNBS has adopted the Model Publication Scheme produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner. The scheme forms the basis of the PNBS guide to information.

Our guide to information provides details of information that we publish and how to access it. The guide also gives details of any charges that may be applied for information requests. If you would prefer a copy of this guide to information in an alternative format please contact us using the details above.

You can request information not available on our website by using the contact details on this page.



PNBS content is hosted on the Scottish Government website. Read more information on how we are working to make gov.scot as accessible as possible.

We can provide information in alternative formats for those who are do not want to, or are unable to, access information online. If you would like information in an alternative format or would like to report an report an accessibility problem, please contact us at PNBS@gov.scot or through the postal address listed in the contacts section.

PNBS circulars and annual reports


Police Negotiating Board for Scotland circulars 2023​​​​

Police Negotiating Board circulars 2022

Police Negotiating Board circulars 2021




Email: PNBS@gov.scot

Police Negotiating Board for Scotland
Room 1 Rear
St Andrew’s House
Regent Road

Contact us using the details above if you have any queries including how to request information not available on our website or to make a complaint.

Our standard available hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. 

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