Police Negotiating Board circular - 2021-01 - non-consolidated payment

Circulars providing updates on agreements covering police terms and conditions.

Police Negotiating Board Circular: Non-consolidated Payment 2021/01

Police Negotiating Board

Independent Secretary: Ryan Paterson

Scottish Government
1 Rear, St Andrew's House

Police Negotiating Board Agreement

1. The Official and Staff Sides of PNB have reached agreement on a payment for all officers. Details are set out in the attached memorandum.

2. This Police Negotiating Board agreement has been approved by Scottish Ministers. The Scottish Police Authority now has the authority to implement this agreement*. In due course, the relevant Minister will make formal determinations.

3. Any enquiries about this circular should be addressed to the Independent Secretariat at the Scottish Government Tel. 07880244605, to the Official Side Secretary Tel. 020 7187 7341 or the Staff Side Secretary Tel. 0300 303 0027. Enquiries to the Independent Secretariat relating to the interpretation of this circular should be made in writing.

18 November 2021

* Police Negotiating Board Circulars form a single numerical series. Those which in themselves provide authority to implement an agreement carry the serial number alone, while those which are advisory are designated as such after the serial number.


The Police Negotiating Board has recorded that the Official Side has made a non-consolidated payment of £250 to all officers serving within the Police Service of Scotland on 28 October 2021.

This payment is to recognize the significant challenges that officers have faced in 2020 and 2021, including the flexibility they have shown in responding to these new challenges and their overall contribution in keeping all our communities safe.


Email: PNB.Secretariat@gov.scot

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