NHS Forth Valley Assurance Board


The Scottish Government Assurance Board on NHS Forth Valley was established following the NHS Board's escalation to stage 4 for governance, leadership and culture on the NHS Board Performance Escalation Framework.  

The purpose of the Board is: 

  • to support NHS Forth Valley in determining what steps are necessary to ensure the delivery of high quality governance, leadership and culture in NHS Forth Valley, and in doing so support improvements in performance in out of hours, unscheduled care, mental health, and integration 
  • to advise the Director General through agreed governance routes that such steps have been taken

In delivery of this, the Board will seek to:

  • ensure appropriate governance is in place, particularly with regards to providing appropriate scrutiny of performance, leadership style and practice
  • scrutinise the NHS Forth Valley Improvement Plan and through assurance  meetings hold the leadership (i.e. NHS Forth Valley Executive Leadership Team and Chair of the NHS Forth Valley Board) to account for the effective delivery of these improvement actions and within the timescales agreed
  • ensure that the leadership is operating in an effective and inclusive manner, particularly when understanding and managing performance issues, and that there is a positive and inclusive culture in NHS Forth Valley
  • consider the lessons learned that could be shared across NHS Scotland
  • provide advice to the Director General about the future escalation status of NHS Forth Valley, including criteria for de-escalation

Find out more information about the NHS Board Performance Escalation Framework.

Read NHS Forth Valley’s improvement plan in relation to the stage 4 escalation for governance, leadership and culture (pdf).


  • Christine McLaughlin, Co-Director of Population Health, Scottish Government (Chair)
  • Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government
  • Alex McMahon, Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government
  • Angie Wood, Director of Social Care Resilience, Scottish Government
  • Fiona Hogg, Chief People Officer, Scottish Government
  • Tracy Slater, Head of Performance and Delivery, Scottish Government
  • Robert Kirkwood, Head of the Office of Chief Executive, Scottish Government


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