National Advisory Committee for Chronic Pain

Role of the group

The National Advisory Committee for Chronic Pain was set up in 2017, following the winding up of the National Chronic Pain Improvement Group (NCPIG) in 2016.

The Committee's remit is:

  • guiding the improvement of chronic pain management at all levels of health and social care
  • developing a dataset to allow for effective measurement/quantification of chronic pain services across Scotland, including the potential future development of Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) (these mesaures will span primary and secondary care and give detail beyond waiting times in pain clinics)
  • raising and maintaining the profile of chronic pain
  • advising the Scottish Government on chronic pain to inform effective national policy development


  • Dr Gregor Smith - Deputy Chief Medical Officer [Chair]
  • Professor Blair Smith [National Lead Clinician]
  • Dr Paul Cameron – [National Chronic Pain Co-ordinator]
  • Professor Tim Eden – [Patient Member #1]
  • Susan Archibald – [Patient Member #2]
  • Sonia Cottom – Pain Association Scotland – [Third Sector Representative #1]
  • Heather Wallace – Pain Concern – [Third Sector Representative #2]
  • Dr Grecy Bell – Medical Director, NHS Dumfries and Galloway  - [Representative of Scottish Association of Medical Directors]
  • Marianne Hayward – South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership – [Representative from the Chief Officers Network (Health and Social Care Partnerships)]
  • Dr Rachel Atherton – Scottish National Residential Pain Management Programme
  • Dr Lesley Colvin – University of Edinburgh
  • Phil Mackie – Scottish Public Health Network