Human Rights Bill: Implementation Working Group


This group will work with the Scottish Government to explore approaches to and requirements for robust implementation of the Human Rights Bill.

It will provide advice on how proposals for effective Bill implementation can be embedded within the organisational cultures of Scotland’s public authorities and those delivering public functions. The group will also identify any issues or barriers related to Bill implementation and consider ways to overcome these. 

The group has two tiers: a core working group and a wider engagement group.

A core working group is composed of a small number of Scottish Government officials, academics, third sector and civil society organisations and representatives from key public bodies. The core working group will initially meet on a monthly basis.

Discussions will be captured and reflected to the wider engagement group, who will be invited to provide feedback at regular update meetings, which will take place at after every two meetings of the core group.  

The wider engagement group will involve a larger number of public bodies, third sector and civil society organisations who will be instrumental in the Bill’s effective application. 

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Members of the core working group

  • Andrew Montgomery, Social Security Scotland
  • Bill Stevenson, Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Brianna Fletcher, COSLA
  • Dr Elaine Webster, University of Strathclyde
  • George Dodds, Public Health Scotland
  • Jillian Matthew, Audit Scotland
  • Karleen Jackson, Public Health Scotland
  • Lesley Crozier, Scottish Council’s Equality Network
  • Luis Felipe Yanes, Scottish Human Rights Commission
  • Mhairi Snowden, Human Rights Consortium
  • Miriam McKenna and Rebecca Spillane, Improvement Service
  • Nicola Anderson and Rachel Grant. Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service
  • Professor Alan Miller, University of Strathclyde
  • Professor Nicole Busby, University of Glasgow 
  • Sarah Rodger and Nicola Hogg, Society of Local Authority Lawyers and Administrators in Scotland (SOLAR)
  • Siobhan Toner, Social Security Scotland 
  • Tony McGowan, Healthcare Improvement Scotland 

Members of the wider working group

  • Alan Sutherland, Water Industry Commission Scotland
  • Brenda Tonner, Scotland’s Housing Network 
  • Carolyn Anderson, Skills Development Scotland
  • Catherine Barile, Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland 
  • Catherine Rothwell, Creative Scotland 
  • Clare Gallagher, CEMVO 
  • Danny Boyle, BEMIS 
  • Denisha Kiloh, Stonewall 
  • Donna Brodie, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency 
  • Doro Richter, Human Rights Consortium Scotland 
  • Ealasaid MacDonald, Bòrd na Gàidhlig 
  • Edward Pybus, Homeless Network Scotland 
  • Eileen Cawley, Scottish Pensioners’ Forum
  • Fiona Robertson, Association of Directors of Education Scotland 
  • Frances Guy, Scotland’s International Development Alliance
  • Fergus McMillan, Skills Development Scotland 
  • Gary Mournian, Food Standards Scotland 
  • Heather Fisken, Inclusion Scotland 
  • Helen Shaw and Michael Cameron, Scottish Housing Regulator 
  • Jamie Dunlop, Scottish Youth Parliament 
  • Jane Rice, Prison Service 
  • Jen Goff, Food Standards Scotland 
  • Jennifer McKee, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal 
  • Julia White and Polly Lord, VoiceAbility
  • Juliet Harris, Together 
  • Katherine Hudson, Poverty and Inequality Commission for Scotland 
  • Layla Moonie, Student Awards Agency 
  • Lucy Mulvagh, The Alliance 
  • Leslie Drury, Article 12 
  • Marie Paterson, Care Inspectorate 
  • Mark Hazelwood, Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care 
  • Mark Roberts, Environmental Standards Scotland  
  • Mary Morgan, National Services Scotland 
  • Maxine Jolly and Donald Paterson, Education Scotland 
  • Michael Clancy, Law Society Scotland 
  • Paula Preston, Scottish Civil Justice Council 
  • Peter Rawcliffe, Nature Scot 
  • Peter Ritchie, Nourish Scotland 
  • Professor Sharon Cameron and Sarah Wallage, Scottish Abortion Care Providers Network 
  • Rebecca Crawther, Equality Network 
  • Rhona Willder, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance 
  • Richard Baker, Enable Scotland 
  • Robert Fraser and Laura Pasternak, Who Cares? Scotland 
  • Rosemary Agnew, Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
  • Rosie Tyler-Greig, Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
  • Sarah D’Agrosa, Scottish Commission for Learning Disability
  • Sarah-Jane Marsden and Laura Diffey, Historic Environment Scotland 
  • Stephanie MacGregor-Cross, Social Work Scotland 
  • Stephanie Phillips, NHS 24  
  • Suki Wan and Aer Nicholson Clasby, Third Sector Equality Human Rights and Equality  
  • Suzanne McGuiness, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
  • Suzanne Munday, MECOPP 
  • Tracey Ashworth-Davies, NHS Education for Scotland  


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