Scotland's Data and Intelligence Network


This group is no longer active.


The Data and Intelligence Network (D&IN) was established in May 2020 to provide evidence-based, objective analysis to inform local and national decision-making in response to the pandemic. The D&IN is a community of data experts from the Scottish Public Sector whose membership spans Scottish Government, health boards, Public Health Scotland, health and social care partnerships, local authorities, academia and other public bodies who develop real time data and intelligence solutions to inform strategic government policy.

Our network’s core aim is to deliver added value across the public sector in Scotland by supporting data-driven policy development and providing a forum for constructive challenge and testing of strategies. We aim to do so by: 

  • fostering a culture of decision making that is demonstrably supported by quality intelligence and data analytics
  • facilitating collaborative working with a focus on addressing issues no one person or organisation can take on alone
  • ensuring information security and the ethical use of data is central to data and intelligence projects across our network
  • developing frameworks and guidance on the data ecosystem, public participation and ethics that have broad applicability across Scotland. Ultimately creating a shared infrastructure for our community
  • combining data from across the public sector, to generate actionable insights to make improvements for the people of Scotland, in a safe and transparent way, trusted by the public
  • championing data quality improvements to enhance the resulting operational and analytical insights

The D&IN is supported by the Network Management Office (NMO). The NMO operate and run the network on a day-to-day basis, encourage data and intelligence challenge generation and support the shaping of challenges. It orchestrates data and intelligence solution delivery across multiple public sector agencies and supports the establishment of data sharing arrangements. It also develops and maintains network assets, including the data catalogue, and provides multiple communication platforms for the work of the network to be shared with network members.

Keeping up to date

In order to continue to provide transparency on our work, we will begin to post blogs on the digital blog area. When blogs are posted, we will update the links to this page for ease of access. Additionally, to find out more about the early days of the Data and Intelligence Network you can read Update 1 and Update 2, which are hosted by Research Data Scotland, members of the Network and led by the Scottish Government’s Chief Statistician, who also sponsors our network.


The following sectors are part of Scotland's Data and Intelligence Network:

  • local and national health bodies
  • local government
  • central government
  • skills and enterprise agencies
  • Scottish academia
  • civil society organisations




The Data and Intelligence Network is open to other organisations and sectors who are keen to collaborate and use data to improve the lives of the people of Scotland. To join the network or request further information please contact us at:


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