Continuity of Carer and Local Delivery of Care


This group will develop a range of work to support the introduction in Boards of the Continuity of Carer model and local delivery of care. Much of this will need to be in place for launch of the early adopters to ensure the successful rollout and delivery of this aspiration to all women accessing maternity services in Scotland by 2020.

To deliver this aim, the sub-group will be tasked with:

  • translating the continuity of carer recommendations into a national operational framework and support implementation within Early Adopter Boards
  • developing principles for the core hospital based midwifery model
  • developing principles for the model of neonatal postnatal care
  • developing principles for the role of support workers in the community
  • developing operational guidelines for the alignment and co-location of midwifery and obstetric teams
  • developing operational guidelines for overall delivery of the model, including staffing of community and core hospital service, including postnatal neonatal care
  • developing a clear national framework for Community Hubs
  • developing a national framework for assessment of operation of FMUs



  • Gillian Morton, General Manager and Head of Midwifery
  • Hazel Borland, Nurse Director


  • Geraldine Butcher, Consultant Midwife
  • Judith Falconer, Midwifery Team Leader
  • Mary Ross Davie, Director for Scotland, RCM
  • Justine Craig, Heads of Midwifery Group
  • Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser, NCT
  • Helen Mactier, Chair of Scottish Neonatal Consultants Group
  • Nirmala Mary, Clinical Directors Group
  • Jackie Mitchell, Royal College of Midwives
  • Barbara Sweeney, Royal College of Nursing
  • Dr Shahzya Huda, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Karen Creer, Scottish Neonatal Nurses Group
  • Frances McGuire, EAB rep NHS Lothian
  • Lyn Clyde, EAB rep NHS Lanarkshire
  • Helen Bryers, EAB rep NHS Highland
  • Evelyn Frame, EAB rep NHS GG&C
  • Jackie Rutherford, EAB rep NHS Forth Valley



Email: Amy Brown

Tel: 0131 244 5640

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