Continuity of Carer and Local Delivery of Care


This group is no longer active.


This group developed a range of work to support the introduction in Boards of the Continuity of Carer model and local delivery of care.

The sub-group was tasked with:

  • translating the continuity of carer recommendations into a national operational framework and support implementation within Early Adopter Boards
  • developing principles for the core hospital based midwifery model
  • developing principles for the model of neonatal postnatal care
  • developing principles for the role of support workers in the community
  • developing operational guidelines for the alignment and co-location of midwifery and obstetric teams
  • developing operational guidelines for overall delivery of the model, including staffing of community and core hospital service, including postnatal neonatal care
  • developing a clear national framework for Community Hubs
  • developing a national framework for assessment of operation of FMUs
  • receiving assurance from Early Adopter Boards on implementation progress through regular update reports
  • reporting progress and highlighting delays and issues with EAB implementation to the Implementation Programme Board



  • Gillian Morton, General Manager and Head of Midwifery
  • Hazel Borland, Nurse Director


  • Geraldine Butcher, Consultant Midwife
  • Judith Falconer, Midwifery Team Leader
  • Mary Ross Davie, Director for Scotland, RCM
  • Justine Craig, Heads of Midwifery Group
  • Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser, NCT
  • Helen Mactier, Chair of Scottish Neonatal Consultants Group
  • Nirmala Mary, Clinical Directors Group
  • Jackie Mitchell, Royal College of Midwives
  • Barbara Sweeney, Royal College of Nursing
  • Dr Shahzya Huda, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Karen Creer, Scottish Neonatal Nurses Group
  • Frances McGuire, EAB rep NHS Lothian
  • Lyn Clyde, EAB rep NHS Lanarkshire
  • Helen Bryers, EAB rep NHS Highland
  • Evelyn Frame, EAB rep NHS GG&C
  • Jackie Rutherford, EAB rep NHS Forth Valley




Tel: 0131 244 5640

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