Additional Support for Learning Project Board


The role of the Additional Support for Learning Project Board is to support additional support for learning and inclusion policy, including through delivery of the Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Action Plan and associated workstreams.

The board will provide updates to Scottish Ministers and COSLA’s Children and Young People Board. It will meet every two months.

Related groups


The board will be co-chaired by Scottish Government and COSLA. 

Membership of the group will be made up of representatives from local government, third sector, parent groups, unions and children’s groups. These representative groups have been asked to join the Project Board because of their ability to influence and drive improvement forward.

  • Deputy Director, Improvement, Attainment and Wellbeing, Scottish Government (co-chair)
  • Co-chair, Children and Young People, COSLA
  • ADES
  • Scottish Government
  • EIS
  • Education Scotland
  • NAIT
  • National Parent Forum Scotland
  • Children in Scotland
  • Allied Health Professional Lead
  • Social Work Scotland
  • Enable
  • Grant-aided special schools


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