Accessible Vehicle and Equipment Scheme quarterly meeting group


We have accredited Motability to provide cars, wheelchair accessible vehicles, scooters and powered wheelchairs to individuals in Scotland who wish to join our Accessible Vehicle and Equipment Scheme (AVE). Individuals must receive a qualifying rate of disability assistance to join the scheme. 

Motability and officials from the Social Security Directorate meet on a quarterly basis. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss any matters material to the running of the scheme. 

In addition to meeting on a quarterly basis, the Scottish Ministers or their officials and Motability may meet more regularly to discuss operational, urgent or high-priority matters. 


  • Scottish Government officials working in the Disability Benefits Policy Unit, Social Security Policy Division, Social Security Directorate
  • Scottish Government officials working in the Disability Benefits Branch, Programme Management and Delivery Division, Social Security Directorate
  • Motability Foundation (the charity)
  • Motability Operations Limited


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