Gathering Equality Evidence

Gathering evidence that helps us to understand the causes of inequalities and being able to assess whether policies are helping to tackle the inequalities is vital.


The Scottish Government and its partners have been working to improve the quantity and quality of equality evidence which we gather. 

This page contains information about the strategy for improving Scotland's equality evidence base, and guidance on collecting equality data.

The equality evidence page contains further resources for finding equality evidence for Scotland and a range of equality evidence topic reports are available.

Collecting Equality Data Guidance

Guidance notes on the recommended questions to ask when collecting information on: age, disability, ethnic group, gender, religion or belief and sexual orientation

Equality Evidence Strategy 2017-21

Scotland’s Equality Evidence Strategy is a four year strategy running from 2017 to 2021. The strategy details an approach to strengthening Scotland’s equality evidence base. It also lists equality evidence gaps raised during the Scottish Government’s discussions with partner organisations and academic colleagues.

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