External wall cladding systems advice

Information on the consultation on draft Scottish Advice Note: ‘Determining the fire risk posed by external wall systems in existing multi-storey residential buildings’.


The UK Government established the building and fire safety working group: work programme after the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017.  The UK Government’s Independent Expert Panel on Fire Safety was also established at this time. The expert panel published consolidated advice on 20 January 2020 dealing with the fire performance of cladding, fire doors and other construction details.  The advice is intended to assist building owners in managing risk, but has no legally established status in Scotland and does not take precedence over Scottish building and fire regulations, standards and guidance. 

On 30 March 2020, through our Building and Fire Safety Ministerial Working Group, Scottish Ministers agreed to set up a Technical Working Group to develop a Scottish Advice Note to determine the fire risk posed by external wall systems in existing multi-storey residential buildings.  

The Scottish Advice Note will bring clarity to the different legislative requirements and guidance in Scotland and take account of the key findings from large scale and intermediate scale fire testing of external wall cladding systems carried out by the UK Government.

The group have met three times and this 3rd draft version of the guidance is being used as the basis of a 3 month targeted consultation. Minutes of the Technical Working Group meetings are published.

Your views

The Scottish Government is gathering views on this draft Scottish Advice Note from those affected by, and responsible for, fire safety in residential buildings.  This will inform revisions and the final published document.

The draft Scottish Advice Note and a short background note containing a set of questions and a response form are provided below.

To support feedback on the draft Scottish Advice Note, webinars and meetings with key stakeholders are currently being organised.  Should you wish to take part in any of the webinars, please email

This targeted consultation will be completed on 25 October 2020.