Chief Social Work Adviser

Iona Colvin

Chief Social Work Adviser

Iona Colvin was appointed as the Chief Social Work Adviser in April 2017.


The Chief Social Work Adviser advises ministers and policy teams with an interest in, or responsibility for, aspects of social work services and practice.

The adviser works with policy teams leading on major programmes including integration of health and social care, adult social care, implementation of self-directed support, Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and community justice reform.

She also works with a wide range of partners on the Social Work Services Strategic Forum to deliver the actions in the Social services in Scotland: a shared vision and strategy 2015 to 2020.

The role also focuses on development and regulation of the social services workforce and has a sponsorship responsibility for the Scottish Social Services Council.


Before taking up this role, Iona spent more than 30 years working in local government. Iona's previous posts include:

  • Director of Health and Social Care and IJB Chief Officer - North Ayrshire
  • Director of Social Work and CSWO - North Ayrshire
  • Director of Southwest Glasgow Community Health and Care Partnership
  • Joint General Manager, Addiction Service - Glasgow

While Iona is a committed and compassionate social worker, she has a particular interest in developing integrated approaches to improve outcomes for children, young people and adults.