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Scottish Offshore Renewables Research Framework (SpORRAn)

The Scottish Offshore Renewables Research Framework (SpORRAn) will support collaborative and co-ordinated environmental and socio-economic research to facilitate the sustainable development of the Offshore Renewable sector in Scotland.  

Marine science has a crucial role to play in addressing the environmental and socio-economic uncertainties that surround placing offshore renewable devices in the marine environment and SpORRAn will help Marine Scotland ensure that offshore renewable energy development  in Scottish waters is undertaken sustainably and that new knowledge informs future plans and projects. 

The Framework has Seven strategic objectives:

  • To map out and prioritise the evidence needs.  
  • To be more co-ordinated and work together with other groups.
  • Understand the current research landscape.
  • Explore joint funding opportunities.
  • Provide a mechanism for the monitoring, review and update of the Sectoral plans for Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy.  
  • Collaborate with specialist Regional Advisory Groups (RAG’s) 
  • Ensure new knowledge informs future decision making and is disseminated.

Membership of SpORRAn    

SpORRAn is made up of a high level coordination group (SCG) and seven specialised research groups (SSRG).  The groups include representation from industry, environmental stakeholders, Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies and researchers. 

SpORRAn Coordination Group (SCG)

The SpORRAn Co-ordination Group (SCG) is made up of senior members of participating organisations, and is responsible for:

  • Guiding the strategic direction of SpoRRAn and reviewing its success.

  • Signing off SpORRAn documentation

  • Advising on a strategic programme of work required to address SpORRAn priorities.

  • Look for synergies between research prioritised by SpORRAn groups, their own organisational research and requirements from other marine policies.

  • Consider mechanisms to address priorities.

  • Discuss mechanisms to ensure new knowledge is feeding back into future decision making.

  • Promote the framework.

SpORRAn Specialist Research Groups (SSRG)

The specialist research groups (listed on the left hand menu) are made up of experts in that particular area and  include members from: Marine Scotland Science, developers, Scottish Nature Conservation Body representatives, Environmental Non-Government Organisations, researchers and other relevant sectoral participants.

The specialist groups are responsible for:

  • Identifying and prioritising the evidence needs in an evidence map.

  • Maintain awareness of funding opportunities.

  • Link evidence needs between the various specialist groups where appropriate.

  • Encourage collaborations.   

The evidence maps will  set out a prioritised list of evidence needs in line with current policy and licensing objectives.