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Input-Output - Meetings


Please find below all meeting documentation and associated papers for the Input-Output Expert User Group.

Meeting documentation

Date Agenda Minutes Papers
1st November 2017 View View

Paper 1: Whole of Scotland Economic Accounts: Experimental Oil and Gas Industry Satellite Accounts (Slides)

Slides: Fraser of Allander Institute Inter-Regional Trade Project Update

Slides: DREAM® - Detailed Regional Economic Accounting Model

Slides: Update from ONS on UK SUT Developments / Plans (Purchase Survey / Previous Year Prices SUTs)

Paper 2: Implications of adopting the H-Approach for Sub-UK Input-Output tables (Slides)

Paper 3: The Safer Concept: Social Accounting Framework for Epidemics and Revival

12th November 2015 View View

Paper 1: Changes in the 1998-2012 Supply-Use Tables

Paper 2: Errors in Type II IO Multiplier Values

Paper 3: Economic Impact Assessment of the Commonwealth Games 2014; summary of methods used

Paper 4: IO based economic impact assessment guidance

Paper 5: Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling and SG's CGE model

Paper 6: The Inter-Regional Impact of a Balanced Budget Regional Fiscal Expansion: Scotland, No Detriment, No Danger

Paper 7: Tourism Satellite Accounts for Scotland 2014

Paper 8: Indirect rebound involving embodied energy use in re-spending decisions

27th November 2013 View View

Paper 1: Use of Gross Disposable Household Income in type II multipliers and other possible Analytical Table changes

Paper 2: Economic Impact Assessment Methodology for the Commonwealth Games 2014

Paper 3: Developments in oil and gas statistics

Paper 4: Working around errors and changes in the UK National Accounts (summary)

Paper 5: Work to reinstate the ONS Purchases Inquiry

28th February 2011

View View

Paper 1: Changes made for the 1998-2007 tables

Paper 2: High level carbon assessment of the Scottish budget and the environmental I-O

Paper 3: Use of SNAP implied output deflators for deflation of IO economic impact assessments

Paper 4: Freight transport in an input output framework (not available)

Paper 5: Scottish Input-Output future work program

1st May 2009

View View

Update on UK National Accounts and Input-Output plans - Stevan Croasdale

10th April 2008



Progress on the New IO System - Jan Young

Economy-Environment Statistics & Carbon Footprints - Karen Turner

23rd May 2007 View View

Update on UK National Accounts - Impact of no UK I-O Analyses in 2007 and Modernisation Plans - Sanjiv Mahajan

Production Plan for Scottish Input-Output Time Series Data - Stevan Croasdale & Donna Hosie

Progress on the Time Series System - Jan Young

SAMs and TSAs for Nothern Ireland - Hervey Gibson

30th October 2006 View View

Development, Compilation and Use of UK Supply and Use Tables - Sanjiv Mahajan


16th June 2006 View View