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Queries regarding the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme should be sent to CRCHELP@environment-agency.gov.uk

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a mandatory UK-wide trading scheme introduced in April 2010.  The scheme is designed to incentivise large public and private sector organisations to take up cost-effective energy efficiency through the application of financial and reputational drivers and thereby drive down carbon emissions throughout the UK.

The revised CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme user guide gives an overview of the scheme.

Latest News

20 November 2013 - Finalising CRC simplification: treatment of renewable energy and the metallurgical and mineralogical sectors

The consultation on Finalising CRC simplification: treatment of renewable energy and the metallurgical and mineralogical sectors has now been published and can be found via the link below.

 14 November 2013 - CRC Annual Report Publication (ARP)

The Environment Agency has produced the Annual Report Publication (ARP) under the legislation establishing the scheme, the CRC Order.  The ARP represents the first release in a new format of information drawn from the annual reports of CRC participants. It replaces the Performance League Table (PLT) that was produced in previous years.

20 May 2013 - Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Order 2013

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Order 2013 came into force on 20 May 2013, bringing into effect the agreed simplification proposals as set out in the Government’s Response to the Simplification Consultation. These changes will reduce the average administrative burden of the scheme for participants while maintaining the majority of its emissions coverage, allowing Scottish participants including a number of our largest banks, public organisations and supermarkets to continue investing in low carbon and energy efficient practices at a reduced cost.


17 April 2013 - CRC Simplification

As part of the CRC Simplification the UK and Devolved Governments will be releasing the new CRC 2013 Order this summer following debate in the relevant Parliaments and Assemblies.

On 17 April 2013 the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee approved the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Order 2013.  The Official Report can be accessed by following this link: Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee – 17 April 2013.

27 February 2013 - Scottish Government at CRC Conference, Scottish schools in the CRC

 A CRC Conference hosted by Holyrood was held recently and saw attendance from numerous private and public Scottish participants. Key themes of the day included the CRC Simplification, the Performance League Table and CRC Audits.

Scottish Government’s Climate Change Deputy Director Bob Irvine gave a key talk on CRC in the wider context of Scotland’s climate change strategy, discussing RPP2, energy efficiency, behavioural change and Scottish Ministers as a participant.

 As part of the simplification discussions it was noted that English schools will be excluded from the scheme while Devolved schools will not. The Scottish Government strongly feels that the CRC remains the best tool for addressing carbon emissions and energy efficiency in schools as part of their Local Authority participation. Continuing participation also removes the risk of double regulating, as Scottish Government would be required to reimburse the Exchequer for the loss in revenues from schools that left the scheme, and would need to pass on that budgetary cut to local authorities, while developing a separate scheme to address their emissions.

27 February 2013 – CRC Performance League Table

The 2011/12 CRC Performance League Table has been published today by the Environment Agency, as UK-wide administrator for the scheme.

10 December 2012 – CRC Simplification Announced, Major Savings for Participants

The joint UK Government/Devolved Administrations response to the consultation on a simplified CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme has been published: it provides details of the proposed cost saving measures that will be enacted to reduce the burden of the scheme on participants. The consultation had 255 responses from a range of industry and public participants across the UK, the majority of which were in agreement with the proposed changes.

A number of simplification changes will now be put to the Scottish Parliament (as well as the UK Parliament and other DA Assemblies) which, if approved, will result in an administrative saving of 55 percent for participants while retaining the majority of the schemes emissions coverage.

 While most of the simplification measures will be implemented in the second phase of the scheme – from 2014/15 – some will be brought into effect next year to ensure participants can benefit from them as soon as possible.

Full details of the joint Government response to the simplification consultation, with the relevant documents are linked below:

 March, 27 2012 - Joint Consultation on a Simplified CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) is a mandatory UK-wide trading scheme introduced in April 2010 which targets emissions from large public and private sector organisations. It is designed to drive emissions reductions in the target sectors by incentivising the uptake of cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities through the application of financial and reputational drivers.

This consultation is being undertaken as a result of a broader simplification review and engagement with stakeholders. This consultation document builds on the vision set out in June 2011 and sets out specific proposals to simplify the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. These proposals take into account feedback from stakeholders on the June publication, feedback from the administrative burden survey and analysis of participant data from reports collected in July 2011.

The consultation document includes proposals which aim to streamline and simplify the scheme to create a new leaner, simplified and refocused CRC. The simplified CRC will deliver its energy efficiency and carbon reduction objectives whilst making compliance easier and less burdensome for participants.

Government is seeking views and evidence from all interested parties. The deadline for responses to the consultation is Monday 18 June 2012.

Consultation Documents are hosted on DECC's CRC Web page


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