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National Missing Persons Framework for Scotland

National Missing Persons Framework for Scotland

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ISBN: 9781786529565

The National Missing Persons Framework for Scotland sets out the roles and shared responsibilities of respective agencies, as well as key national objectives and supporting commitments to focus our efforts on preventing people from going missing and limiting the harm associated when they do go missing.

Executive Summary

Through this Framework, the Scottish Government is providing a focus for all agencies with an interest in missing people to work together.

Over 30,000 episodes of people going missing are reported to Police Scotland every year. In 2015/16, that figure was 40,070. Going missing exposes people to unnecessary risks; it impacts negatively on their health and wellbeing; and, in a small number of cases, it can lead to death.

Anyone can be affected by someone going missing. That is why agencies need to continue to work together to prevent people from going missing in the first place and to do their best to keep them safe from the potential risks they could be exposed to. However, it is also important that those who do go missing are located quickly and are given the support they need to allow them to return to their communities or to build new lives for themselves.

The Framework clarifies responsibilities and sets out a clear set of objectives and supporting commitments. Through this, it will improve the way we deal with the issue in Scotland and bring more consistency to bear on how we protect and support missing people and their families.