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What to do after a death in Scotland ... practical advice for times of bereavement: Revised 11th Edition 2016 (Web only)

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 16, 2016


ISBN 978 1 78652 272 6 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 11945


An addendum was published on 21/03/2017 at page 49 of the pdf:

The second bullet point on the page has been added.


An errata was published on 21/03/2017:

Amendments made to contact information throughout the booklet.

The pdf and html have both been updated within the document to reflect these changes.

This document is also available in pdf format (402KB)



Part I. From The Time Of Death To The Funeral

1. First things to be done
2. Donation of body parts for transplantation
3. Getting a medical certificate
4. The Procurator Fiscal
5. How to register a death
6. Planning the funeral
7. Cremation or burial
8. Help with the funeral
9. Paying for the funeral

Part II. Possessions, Property And Children

10. Is there a will?
11. The executors
12. Small estates
13. Distribution of property and possessions
14. The home
15. Debts

Part III. Financial Help You May Be Able To Access

16. Benefit help

Part IV. What Else Has To Be Done?

17. Other things to do

Part V. Rights Of Succession

18. Where the person did not leave a will
19. Prior rights
20. Legal rights
21. The remainder of the estate
22. The three principles
23. Where the person left a will
24. Adopted children
25. Cohabitants
26. If you are making a will or need more guidance

Part VI. Useful Addresses