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Scotland’s Digital Future: Scottish Public Sector Cloud Computing Guidance

Scotland’s Digital Future: Scottish Public Sector Cloud Computing Guidance

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ISBN: 9781785442780

Guidance and principles on cloud computing in the Scottish public sector. Sets out the decision roadmap on considerations for investment and change to the delivery or hosting of services to meet efficiencies and flexibilities that the cloud can offer. Developed with the following sectors in mind: Central Government (including Police and Fire); Local Authorities; Health; Further and Higher Education and the third sector (where they are supporting the direct delivery of public services).

Executive Summary

“Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services” set an objective to develop a strategy for public sector data storage in Scotland focusing on consolidation and re-use. This reflected the “Review of ICT Infrastructure in the Public Sector in Scotland” report by John McClelland suggesting that significant efficiency and energy savings could be achieved through consolidation.

“Scotland’s Digital Future: Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy for the Scottish Public Sector” established out how this objective could be delivered by adopting the following approaches: cloud computing, virtualisation and co-location.

This document delivers on the action to set out the cloud policy for the Scottish public sector by providing the guidance and principles.

Cloud computing can deliver “anywhere” access to shared computing resources; potential reduction in capital expenditure on back-end computing equipment and software; improved ICT capability to do things quicker and without new investment in servers enabling immediate access to infrastructure; improved energy efficiency as only the resources that are truly needed are consumed; stronger security and business continuity as cloud providers core business focus is ICT provision, so they offer access to the latest upgrades than would otherwise have been possible through in-house solutions.

This document also sets out considerations when moving to the cloud on security, international standards and certification. This document also contains case studies on how organisations in the Scottish public sector have moved to cloud services.