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Making it Easy

Making it Easy

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ISBN: 9781784125110

A health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland

Executive Summary

Making it Easy

• Highlights the hidden problem of low health literacy and the impact that this has on our ability to access, understand, engage and participate in our health and social care.

• Explains that low health literacy leads to poor health outcomes and widens health inequality.

• Calls for all of us involved in health and social care to systematically address health literacy as a priority in our efforts to improve health and reduce health inequalities.

• Sets out an ambition for all of us in Scotland to have the confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills we need to live well, with any health condition we have.

• Lays out the actions the Scottish Government and partners are taking to help all of us in health and social care collaborate and help realise this ambition.