Zero Emission Social Housing Taskforce minutes: 27 May 2021

Minutes of the Zero Emission Social Housing Taskforce meeting held on 27 May 2021.

Attendees and apologies


  • Aubrey Fawcett – Chief Executive, Inverclyde Council and SOLACE
  • Sally Thomas – CEO, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)
  • Michael Cameron – Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR)
  • Mark McArthur – Energy Saving Trust (EST)
  • Craig Spence – Orkney HA
  • Bryan Leask - Hjaltland HA and Rural and Islands Housing Association Forum
  • Paul Leask - Hjaltland HA and Rural and Islands Housing Association Forum
  • Jon Turner – Link HA
  • Patrick McGrath – Southside HA
  • Chris Morgan – John Gilbert Architects
  • Casandra Dove – SFHA
  • Stephen Kemp – Orkney Builders
  • Sean Smith – Edinburgh University
  • Roddy Hamilton – Changeworks
  • Stacey Dingwall – SFHA
  • Duncan Smith – Renfrewshire Council
  • Karen Stevenson – RIAS
  • Laura Caven – Cosla
  • Chris Stewart – Collective Architecture
  • Stacey Dingwall – SFHA

SG Officials

  • Amy Tickell – Low Carbon Support Unit

SG Secretariat

  • Catriona MacKean – Scottish Government
  • Simon Roberts – Scottish Government
  • Tony Cruickshank – Scottish Government


  • Tony Cain – ALACHO
  • Ross Anderson – ALACHO
  • Barbara Lantschner – John Gilbert Architects
  • Paul Thom – Changeworks
  • David Bookbinder – Glasgow & West of Scotland Forum for Housing Associations (GWSF)
  • Bruce Cuthbertson – Tenant Representation
  • Colin Reid – Wheatley Group
  • Naeem Bhatti - Scottish Government

Items and actions

Actions from the previous group meeting and acceptance of previous meeting note

The actions form the previous group meeting of the 13 May were reviewed and the note of the meeting was partially agreed due to typos highlighted. Post Meeting Note – Meeting note has been amended.

Update from the Technical Sub-Group meeting and next steps, including update on Skills & Training

  • The Technical Sub-group chair provided an update of the outcomes from the meeting of the 24 May and highlighted the sub-group principles document and indicated that comments had been received on the draft document. The content has been generally accepted by the Sub-group
  • Agreement that the Sub-group would have one more meeting to formally agree their response to the group final report
  • Discussion on the future energy provision & discussion fabric first approach and whether this is achievable
  • Agreement on the need for improved data collection and the need for standardised archetypes
  • Discussion on the need for assessing competencies & skills and whether PAS 2035 is the right tool

Update on the Costs and Affordability Sub-Group

  • The Costs & Affordability Sub-group chair provided an update of the outcomes from the meeting of the 20 May and that highlighted that the finding solutions to funding was challenging
  • Discussion on the Scottish Government’s Net Zero Funding and the criteria required for applying
  • Discussion on the forthcoming Financial Roundtable meeting and the potential role of SNIB  and other funding sources
  • The possibility of a presentation by SNIB at the next group meeting
  • Discussion on the draft recommendations and the make-up of the final report
  • Agreement on the need for an additional Sub-group meeting

RIAS presentation on physical and social fabric

  • Presentation given by RIAS on the physical & social fabric of buildings and in particular the following was discussed in the presentation:
  • highlighting the alignment of construction & delivery challenges
  • recognition of target needs and the data on historic buildings
  • highlighting energy performance certificate
  • working with local authorities on EESSH2
  • consideration on the circular economy and the potential of looking at a different approach
  • discussion on RIAS holistic approach and the work undertaken by committees
  • preoccupation of seeking alternative energy sources
  • the issue of achieving funding was highlighted
  • fabric first approach and the potential need for an incremental approach could be used as part of the recommendations
  • legality issues, tenure mix and party wall issues
  • technical paper on gap analysis

Update on funding mapping

  • Update on the funding mapping work undertaken so far, highlighting the dynamic funding landscape
  • Agreement that this is a useful document that should be shared

Update on the Financial Roundtable

Highlighting the otential funding opportunities available and the need for long-term funding and transition period

Mapping of existing work and recommendations

Agreement that a list of existing work is to be included in the final report & recommendations. Agreement for comments to be made and the highlighting  of missing work

Outline of Final Report, including headings discussion

  • Discussion on final report content and the required structure. The potential need for a chronological route map, which will evolve as the work progresses The need to look at long-term budgets and capital funding in the short-term. The mapping out of milestones.
  • The summary of the final report to include data overview and timelines for each sub-group, agreement on the need for a detailed introduction

AOB, including actions

  • Production of final report summary to be provided in June
  • The need for a meeting to agree wording for Technical Sub-group response on PAS2035 – arranged for 8 June 2021

Date of next meeting

14 June 2021 at 10am to 11am

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