Zero Emission Social Housing Taskforce minutes: 10 June 2021

Minutes of the Zero Emission Social Housing Taskforce meeting held on 10 June 2021.

Attendees and apologies

  • Aubrey Fawcett – Chief Executive, Inverclyde Council and SOLACE
  • Sally Thomas – CEO, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)
  • Michael Cameron – Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR)
  • Mark McArthur – Energy Saving Trust (EST)
  • Craig Spence – Orkney HA
  • Bryan Leask - Hjaltland HA and Rural and Islands Housing Association Forum
  • Paul Leask - Hjaltland HA and Rural and Islands Housing Association Forum
  • Jon Turner – Link HA
  • Patrick McGrath – Southside HA
  • Casandra Dove – SFHA
  • Stephen Kemp – Orkney Builders
  • Sean Smith – Edinburgh University
  • Roddy Hamilton – Changeworks
  • Stacey Dingwall – SFHA
  • Duncan Smith – Renfrewshire Council
  • Laura Caven – Cosla
  • Tony Cain – ALACHO
  • David Bookbinder – Glasgow & West of Scotland Forum for Housing Associations (GWSF)
  • Colin Reid – Wheatley Group
  • Paul Thom – Changeworks

SG Officials

  • Amy Tickell – Low Carbon Support Unit
  • Matthew Wilson – Housing and Regeneration Economics
  • Bruce Teubes - Housing and Regeneration Economics

SG Secretariat

  • Catriona MacKean – Scottish Government
  • Naeem Bhatti - Scottish Government
  • Simon Roberts – Scottish Government
  • Tony Cruickshank – Scottish Government
  • Josh Kumar - Scottish Government


  • Barbara Lantschner – John Gilbert Architects
  • Bruce Cuthbertson – Tenant Representation
  • Chris Morgan – John Gilbert Architects
  • Karen Stevenson – RIAS
  • Chris Stewart – Collective Architecture

Items and actions

Actions from the previous group meeting and acceptance of previous meeting note

  • The note of the 27 May meeting was agreed and accepted as true record of discussion.
  • Discussions on PAS 2035 have been held and revised wording for the recommendation will be considered at the final technical sub group meeting on 14 June.

Updates and next steps from sub-groups

Costs and Affordability Sub-Group

  • Previous meeting was proceeded by a discussion with Bankers Without Boundaries (BWB) who indicated the possible need for city level retrofit agencies to operate on tenure neutral basis. Highlighted levy charging in the USA,  BWB fund sustainable projects through sources such as pension funds with conditions attached that focus on social outcomes .
  • The Financial Round Table was a wider discussion across different sectors in which land availability and existing stock was highlighted. The need for detailed stock assessments was also raised.
  • Agreed the sub-groups recommendations will be signed off by members by email.

Technical Sub-group

  • At the next meeting on 14 June, will seek agreement on the need to establish a long term working group on net zero along and agreement on group membership and where it is best placed.
  • Agreement the sub-group will sign off on its recommendations at the meeting.

SG presentation on Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund

  • Presentation given by Amy Tickell on the SG’s Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund and in particular, the following was highlighted in the presentation:
  • Dedicated sum of monies available to social housing which is repayable over 15 years
  • Different technologies available for funding as well as technologies being considered
  • Strategic planning including engagement with ZEST group on the challenges with installing zero emission heating systems in social housing
  • Plans for a project support unit to provide technical support, project management and other tools to deliver energy efficiency and zero carbon projects within social housing
  • A £20m Fund is available including an additional dedicated £10m for energy efficiency retrofit projects to future proof for years ahead in this financial year.
  • The technologies to be supported were listed in the paper but SG was open to discussions with social landlords on other options to be considered.

SG presentation on Fuel Poverty and EESSH2 statistics

  • Presentation given by Matthew Wilson on the SG’s fuel poverty analysis  as well as some EESSH2 data. The following was highlighted in the presentation:
  • Overview of modelling with numbers to present the housing stock in Scotland
  • Heating systems, conservation measures and type of microgeneration
  • Modelling scenarios used to test EESSH2 attainment rates and the different low carbon heating systems
  • Costs on meeting EPC band B
  • Comparison between low carbon measures and standard measures installed
  • Details of fuel poverty rates including impact that energy efficiency works can have on the stock.
  • Noted in discussion that costs are similar to those modelled in Changeworks research but lower than examples of full fabric first retrofit

Final Report

  • Both sub-groups pulling recommendations together, technical sub-group to finalise recommendations at meeting on 14 June and C/A sub-group to finalise by email.
  • Draft Final Report to be circulated to group on 21 June for sign off at 24 June meeting.
  • Submission to Government to be sent by mid-July with endorsement of the full group.
  • Noted timing of submission to have effect on Programme for Government, Spending Review and COP-26.


  • Recommendations from both sub-groups to be finalised.
  • Fuel Poverty presentation to be circulated.

Date of next meeting

24 June 2021 at 1:30 pm – 3pm

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