What works to prevent youth violence: evidence summary

This report draws together high-quality international evidence about what works to prevent youth violence, to inform policymakers and practitioners about the evidence base and effectiveness associated with different approaches and interventions.


Dr Kirsten Russell, Scottish Violence Reduction Unit

In collaboration with Justice Analytical Services

The author would like to express their thanks to Dr Susan Batchelor, Dr Alistair Fraser, Dr Caitlin Gormley, Dr Keir Irwin-Rogers, and Anastasiia Kovalenko for their helpful suggestions made during the peer-review of this report. Thanks also goes to Fran Warren, Dr Rebekah Miller and Scottish Government policy officials for their invaluable input and contributions throughout, also to analysts within Justice Analytical Statistics for conducting the bespoke analysis of data pertaining to violence involving young people within a Scottish context.


Email: Frances.warren@gov.scot

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