Preventing violence against women and girls - what works: evidence summary

This report presents high quality and robust international evidence on what works to prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG) before it happens. This report assesses the effectiveness of primary prevention interventions, highlighting moderating factors for their successful implementation.


CRT – Cluster randomised trial

DA – Domestic abuse

DSDAS – Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland

DVDSDomestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

FGMFemale genital mutilation

GBVGender based violence

HBVHonour based violence

IPVIntimate partner violence

MVPMentor in Violence Prevention

RCTRandomised control trial

SVSexual violence

Effectiveness classifications key[1]


Evidence that the intervention is associated with a positive impact on preventing violence, based on a moderate or strong evidence base.


Findings were positive but not to the extent that they constituted evidence that an intervention was ‘effective’


Studies with contrasting results and/or a body of evidence comprised of ‘mixed’ evidence.


Insufficient evidence to make a judgement on impact.



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