Voluntary organisations: section 10 funding scheme information

Information about the funding we provide to help voluntary organisations to develop social care services and promote social welfare in Scotland ('section 10' funding).

Section 10 funding is provided under Section 10 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968. The power allows Scottish Ministers to make grants, subject to conditions, to voluntary organisations to engage in social work services and promote social welfare in Scotland. 

Section 10 funding is available to assist voluntary organisations to develop social care services and promote social welfare in Scotland. 

Voluntary organisations should not become over-dependent on public funds and should maintain their independence and freedom of action as far as possible. For example, through seeking to finance their activities from other sources either partially or wholly.

Project funding

Project grants are normally for a maximum of one year and are not renewable. Consideration should be given to the sustainability for the funding of the longer term projects. Project grants are not available for existing projects whose funding from other sources has or will come to an end.

Core funding

Core funding may be made to assist with the central administrative and other costs of national bodies whose activities constitute or include:

  • providing community care services direct to client groups
  • developing or sustaining the provision of such services by other organisations
  • representing voluntary sector concerns in relation to community care issues
  • representing the interest of persons in need of social work services
  • promoting or sustaining general welfare objectives
  • promoting voluntary social work activity and volunteering

Core funding is normally provided for a one year period, subject to satisfactory performance during this period and compliance with conditions of grant. It may be renewed if an organisation has operated effectively during the preceding grant period; is continuing to contribute to the achievement of the Government's priorities; and if its financial position still warrants payment of the grant.

2021/2022 Section 10 Grants

The Section 10 Scheme changed in 2018 following an extensive review. It is no longer a centrally run competitive scheme.  Organisations that wish to access this funding in 2021 to 2022 should contact the policy team that deals with their area of interest directly. Relevant policy teams will deal directly with each organisation’s application and manage the evaluation cycle. 

Contacting the correct policy team

If you do not have an established policy contact in Scottish Government, please send any enquiries to  section10grantscheme@gov.scot and someone will connect you to the correct policy team.

The Section 10 funding available for 2019 to 2020 has now been allocated in most policy areas of the Scottish Government. 
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