UK fish quota management rules 2020

Administrative rules for the management of fish quota allocated to the UK.

The purpose of our quota management arrangements is to enable the fishing industry to make full use of the fishing opportunities which we receive following annual negotiations, while ensuring that quotas are not exceeded.

The UK Government is the allocating authority for UK fish quotas. The UK Government apportions UK fish quotas amongst the four UK Fisheries Administrations (i.e. Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland) pro-rata to the Fixed Quota Allocation (FQA) units associated with the licences administered by each Administration.

After receiving quota from the UK, each of the four UK Fisheries Administrations (FAs) allocates quota to its fishermen. In relation to most quota stocks, these allocations are made by the Scottish Government according to the FQA method.

Fisheries Administrations monitor uptake and 'close' fisheries (i.e. prohibit further landings of defined species through the varying of fishing licences) when allocations have been taken.


UK Quota Management Rules 2020



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