Stop and Search code of practice: twelve month review - quantitative report

Findings of a quantitative study which evaluates change in the use of police searches and alcohol seizures in the twelve months before and after the introduction of the Code of Practice.


This report would not have been possible without the contributions and support of a large number of people. Firstly, I would like to thank John Scott QC and my other fellow members of the Independent Advisory Group on Stop and Search for commenting on numerous drafts of the report and providing invaluable advice and insights which ensured the report was as accurate as possible. Secondly, I extend my thanks to Police Scotland's National Stop and Search Unit, in particular Superintendent Ian Thomson, Chief Inspector Lyn Ross, Inspector Kenny Ramsay and Sergeant John McSorland, and to Tina MacLucas and her colleagues from the Analytical Performance Unit, for providing me with the data needed to complete the report and for their willingness to discuss the changes to stop and search in the wider context of Scottish policing. Thirdly, thanks to Richard Lawder and Ruth Gordon from the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS National Services Scotland for providing data on the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions which helped to provide a broader picture of changes in drinking related health issues within Scotland. Finally, I offer my thanks to Heather Tully, Catherine Lobban, Ryan Paterson and the other members of the Scottish Government's Police Powers and Workforce Unit who provided helpful practical and administrative support in the drafting of this report.

All analysis and interpretation contained in this report is my responsibility.

Professor Susan McVie OBE FRSE



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