Transforming Parole in Scotland: consultation report

Analysis report for the Transforming Parole in Scotland consultation and resulting actions.

Ministerial Foreword

Humza Yousaf, Cabinet Secretary for Justice

The Programme for Government 2018-19 set out proposals to consult on reforms to the parole process in Scotland. I am now pleased to deliver the Scottish Government's response to the consultation Transforming Parole in Scotland.

I know from listening to victims and their families that they often feel left out of parole cases which have impacted on their lives. I have heard many powerful and moving stories which have drawn a picture of a system that sometimes leaves victims feeling let down.

The views expressed by respondents to this consultation were wide ranging and have helped to develop a number of actions which aim to improve the parole system in Scotland. I believe these measures will help people to better understand parole processes and allow them to feel included and listened to.

This response promises actions so as victims can feel better protected, more reassured and get to know more about parole hearings. These actions also aim to help prisoners to better understand the steps undertaken when they are eligible for parole and also the consequences of breaching a parole licence. There are also measures to assist prisoners families.

Brought together I consider these actions will help victims, support prisoners and assist the Parole Board to become more open, visible and transparent.

Humza Yousaf
Cabinet Secretary for Justice



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