Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland

Strategic Police Priorities set under section 33 of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012.


We have a world class police system in Scotland, supported by a hugely dedicated and professional workforce who work each and every day to secure the safety and wellbeing of people and communities across the country.

It is important that we continue to ensure our police are well placed to deal with emerging threats and to meet changing expectations across our society. The Strategic Police Priorities are key to that process and form the foundation of the planning system for our police services. Set under the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, they set out our communities' collective expectations for policing.

These Strategic Police Priorities have been developed following an extensive programme of engagement with individuals, communities, public and third sector partners across Scotland. It will be for the Scottish Police Authority and Police Scotland to translate them into more focussed objectives and operational policing activities. In doing so, we expect that they will seek to utilise the knowledge and expertise of people from across Scotland, working in partnership to shape the way forward.

Whilst set out under discrete headings, the seven Priorities are closely related and interdependent:

Localism - Ensure that the needs of local communities are understood and reflected in the planning and delivery of policing at a local and national level.

Inclusion - Ensure our police service is accessible and responsive to the needs of all people in Scotland.

Prevention - Ensure our police service works to protect people by preventing crime and reducing fear of crime through communication, education, innovation and partnership working.

Response - Focus policing on improving the wellbeing of individuals and communities by tackling crime and responding to and investigating incidents effectively and efficiently.

Collaborative Working - Ensure that our police service works productively with partners at local, national and international levels to deliver better outcomes for people in Scotland.

Accountability - Continuously improve public confidence in policing and inspire trust by being transparent, accountable and acting with integrity, fairness and respect.

Adaptability - Ensure our police service takes advantage of new opportunities and meets emerging threats and challenges.

More detail is attached about our intention for these priorities in the Annex. For further information please contact:

Police Division
Scottish Government
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St Andrews House
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