Strategic development plan: Glasgow and the Clyde Valley

Documentation related to the strategic development plan for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.

Scotland's four largest city regions are covered by SDPs. These set out the long term development of the city regions and deal with cross boundary issues such as housing and transport.

SDPs are prepared by Strategic Development Planning Authorities (SDPAs), which are groups of planning authorities working together. Scottish Ministers have a role in the approval of SDPs.

The documents held for this SDP are:

  • Scottish Ministers' decision letter and modifications
  • strategic environmental assessment screening determination

More information

There are a number of publications and legislation that underpin the development planning process:

Scottish Ministers' decision letter and modifications.pdf




Carrie Thomson: 0131 244 7259

Robin Campbell: 0131 244 7259

Simon Pallant: 0131 244 7761


Area 2-H (South)
Planning and Architecture Division
The Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

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