Recorded crime in Scotland: framework of assurance

Framework of assurance for the Recorded Crime in Scotland (RCS) statistics by the Scottish Government.

The purpose of this Framework of Assurance is to provide evidence on:

  • the suitability of the administrative data for use in producing official statistics
  • factors that the statistical producer needs to take into account in producing the official statistics
  • the information that users need to know in order to make informed use of the statistics

In this Framework of Assurance we:

  • describe the work that produces the Recorded Crime in Scotland statistics from end-to-end, including the design, the data compilation stages and all quality and scrutiny elements
  • provide assurance that the data are of sufficient quality to meet the statistics users’ needs
  • demonstrate what we do to deliver the highest quality data for users in the most proportionate way
  • set out, in a structured and systematic way, the evidence in published audits and how we use that to increase both the quality of, and public confidence in, the underlying data and the Recorded Crime in Scotland statistics
  • explain the limitations and risks of the underlying data, so that users will appreciate how these will affect their use of the statistics
  • identify areas for continuous improvement activity

The Framework of Assurance therefore provides a shared picture of quality assurance among producers, and a shared view of areas for continuous improvement, which is communicated to users.

Recorded crime in Scotland: framework of assurance


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