Special advisers

List of special advisers who provide advice across all portfolio areas in the Scottish Government.

Special Adviser Team 

Colin McAllister - Chief of Staff to the First Minister

  • First Minister's Strategic Programme in Government including inter-governmental relations
  • co-ordination of the Special Adviser team

Stuart Nicolson - Head of Communications

  • Senior Political Spokesperson for the First Minister
  • co-ordination of the Special Adviser Communication Team

Jeanette Campbell - Special Adviser

  • social justice and housing

Gavin Corbett - Special Adviser

  • zero carbon buildings, active travel and tenants’ rights

Ewan Crawford - Senior Special Adviser

  • constitution and external affairs portfolio (except culture)

Leanne Dobson - Special Adviser

  • finance portfolio (excluding local government finance)
  • green economy
  • Programme for Government

Jennie Gollan - Special Adviser

  • justice portfolio (inc veterans)
  • culture portfolio (except broadcasting)

Kate Higgins - Special Adviser

  • local government (including local government finance)
  • transport portfolio

Davie Hutchison - Special Adviser:

  • health and social care portfolio
  • broadcasting policy
  • First Minister's Questions

Harry Huyton - Special Adviser

  • green skills, circular economy and biodiversity

Ross Ingebrigtsen - Deputy Political Spokesperson for the First Minister

  • strategic communications planning
  • First Minister's Questions

David Livey - Special Adviser

  • education and skills portfolio

Liz Lloyd - Strategic Policy and Political Adviser to the FM 

  • strategic advice to the First Minister on transformational policies and projects

John MacInnes - Special Adviser

  • political research
  • support for First Minister's Questions and Parliamentary debates
  • support to communications and policy Special Advisers

Emily Mackintosh - Special Adviser

  • media communications including communications and events support for the First Minister 
  • support for the First Minister and the First Minister’s Private Office
  • outreach and stakeholder engagement

Catriona Matheson

  • economy portfolio (excluding green economy)

Callum McCaig - Special Adviser

  • Covid recovery portfolio

John McFarlane - Special Adviser

  • rural affairs and Islands
  • net zero portfolio (except transport)
  • parliamentary business and parliamentary liaison
  • First Minister's Questions
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