Special advisers: July 2018

List of special advisers who provide advice across all portfolio areas in the Scottish Government.

Name Role
Liz Lloyd Chief of Staff to the First Minister First Minister's Strategic Programme in Government including Inter-governmental relations, Co-ordination of the Special Adviser team.
Stuart Nicolson Head of Communications Senior Political Spokesperson for the First Minister, Strategic communications
Colin McAllister Head of Policy Programme for Government, First Minister's Questions, Senior Special Adviser to the Deputy First Minister, Education - apart from Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill
Ewan Crawford Senior Special Adviser Europe and Constitutional issues, Government Strategy
Ross Ingebrigtsen Deputy Political Spokesperson for the First Minister Strategic communications planning, First Minister's Questions
Katy Bowman Special Adviser Culture, Tourism and External Affairs, Policy support to the Chief of Staff, Support for the First Minister and the First Minister's Private Office, Outreach and stakeholder engagement
Jeanette Campbell Special Adviser Communities, Social Security, and Equalities (apart from Local Government & Planning)
Kate Higgins Special Adviser Rural Economy & Connectivity, Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Bill
Davie Hutchison Special Adviser Health & Sport, Broadcasting, First Minister Questions
John McFarlane Special Adviser Justice, Transport, Parliamentary Business and Parliamentary liaison
Stewart Maxwell Special Adviser Business, the Economy, Skills and Fair Work, Business and Economy outreach
John MacInnes Special Adviser Political Research, Support for First Minister's Questions and parliamentary debates, Support to Communications and Policy Special Advisers
Callum McCaig Special Adviser Finance, Local Government & Planning
David Miller Special Adviser Energy, Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform
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