Social care - Practitioner and Stakeholder Panel minutes: January 2023

Minutes of the meeting of the group on17 January 2023.

Attendees and apologies

Chair of the meeting

Stuart Currie (Vice Chair, Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation IRISR)

Practitioner and Stakeholder Panel members (the panel)

  • Adoption UK
  • British Association of Social Workers
  • Care Home Relatives Group 
  • Coalition of Care and Support Providers (CCPS) 
  • Inclusion Scotland
  • National Day Nurseries Association
  • People Led Policy Panel – 2 representatives present
  • Queens Nursing Institute Scotland 
  • Scottish Care
  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs
  • Self-Directed Support Scotland
  • Social Work Scotland
  • STUC
  • The Health and Social Care Alliance (The Alliance)
  • The Promise Scotland 
  • The Royal College of Nursing Scotland
  • The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance Network 

Scottish Government personnel and secretariat 

  • Kerry Brooks
  • Arlene Crockett
  • Laura Ferguson
  • Daniel Nagy 


  • Carer Centres Managers Network
  • Community Justice Scotland
  • Shelter Scotland
  • Scottish Adoption 
  • Scottish Kinship Care Alliance
  • SIAA

Items and actions

Approval of minutes from December meeting

The panel approved the minutes.

Actions from last meeting

  • the secretariat has now sent invitations for future panel meetings to panel members as calendar invites
  • the secretariat has followed up on a request for a separate meeting made by CELCIS
  • following feedback from panel members the Chair of the IRISR extended the call for evidence consultation until 13 of January 2023
  • the secretariat provided an answer to the question raised about the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) at the last meeting

Update on stakeholder engagement

A member of the secretariat noted that stakeholder engagement had closed and that the extension of the call for evidence had been well received. Independent analysis is now underway and on track to meet the agreed deadlines.

Panel members agreed the extension of the call for evidence had been helpful.

A discussion took place about the call for evidence questions.

It was noted that the different approaches outlined by panel members about submitting responses to the call for evidence allowed for a variety of perspectives from within the sector to be shared supporting the commitment of the Chair and Vice Chair to listen to a wide range of voices.

Panel discussion – theme 2: what needs to be inspected, scrutinised and regulated?

A discussion took place about theme 2 with panel members sharing their experience and expertise.

The Chair suggested a separate meeting about Self Directed Support specifically around option 1, with organisations who had noted interest.

Action: the secretariat will set up a meeting with panel members who expressed interest.

A discussion took place about the process for the final report. The Vice Chair advised panel members that any recommendations arising from the IRISR would be made by the Chair of the Review, Dame Sue Bruce.

Any other business

The Vice Chair proposed a networking lunch before the 14 March 2023 meeting where the Practitioner and Stakeholder Panel would have a chance to meet with the Independent Review Panel.

The idea was well received by panel members.

Action: the secretariat will set up the event to take place between the two panel meetings on 14 March 2023.

A Panel member asked for an update on the payment for Panel members with lived experience.

A member of the secretariat apologised for the delay in this but confirmed this was being dealt with as a matter of priority.

Next meeting

The next panel meeting will take place on: Tuesday 21 February (10:00 – 12:00) via Teams. 

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