Social care - Practitioner and Stakeholder Panel minutes: December 2022

Minutes of the meeting of the group on 13 December 2022.

Attendees and apologies

Chair of the meeting

Stuart Currie (Vice Chair, Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation IRISR)

Practitioner and Stakeholder Panel members (the panel)

  • Adoption UK
  • The Health and Social Care Alliance (The Alliance)
  • Care Home Relatives Group 
  • Coalition of Care and Support Providers (CCPS) 
  • Coalition of Carers in Scotland
  • Inclusion Scotland
  • National Day Nurseries Association
  • People Led Policy Panel
  • Queens Nursing Institute Scotland 
  • Scottish Care
  • Self-Directed Support Scotland
  • SIAA
  • Social Work Scotland
  • STUC 
  • The Promise Scotland 
  • The Royal College of Nursing Scotland
  • The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance Network 

Scottish Government personnel and secretariat 

  • Kerry Brooks
  • Arlene Crockett
  • Laura Ferguson
  • Daniel Nagy 


  • British Association of Social Workers 
  • COSLA 
  • Community Justice Scotland 
  • Shelter Scotland
  • Scottish Adoption 
  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs

Items and actions

Actions from last meeting

The secretariat confirmed that the query relating to the draft EQIA is being looked at and the relevant panel member has been contacted in this regard.

The secretariat confirmed that the action point relating to the wording of the draft EQIA was in progress.

A request was made for future meetings to be sent as calendar invites.

Action: the secretariat will send out invitations to all panel members as calendar invites.

There was a question raised about the format used for the Review’s DPIA and Privacy Notice.

Action: a member of the secretariat to look into this.

Update on stakeholder engagement

A member of the secretariat provided an update on the stakeholder engagement which prompted a discussion amongst panel members.

One panel member asked if they could still contribute by running events.

Action: the secretariat to contact this panel member and provide information about the process to do this.

Panel members asked if the call for evidence timelines could be amended.

Action: the Vice Chair agreed to discuss with the Chair about extending the call for evidence.

Panel discussion – theme 1: person centred approach

A discussion on the above took place and panel members contributed based on their experience and expertise.

Panel members asked about the format of the discussion and suggested for future meetings, a format whereby the panel is required to answer specific questions.

The Vice Chair advised this could be considered for future meetings.

The Vice Chair confirmed this would be on the agenda of an upcoming meeting.

Next meeting

The next panel meeting will take place on: Tuesday 17 January (10:00 – 12:00) at Victoria Quay.

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