Social care - Independent Review Panel minutes: October 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 12 October 2022.

Attendees and apologies

Chair of the meeting

  • Dame Sue Bruce (Chair, Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation IRISR)
  • Stuart Currie (Vice Chair, Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation IRISR)

Independent Review Panel members (the panel)

  • Neelam Bakshi
  • Kate Sang
  • David Strang
  • Satjit Singh
  • Lee Knifton
  • Gordon Black
  • Megan Moffat
  • Paul Redfern

Scottish Government personnel and secretariat

  • Iain MacAllister
  • Kerry Brooks
  • Arlene Crockett
  • Laura Ferguson 


Apologies for absence were received by Lillian Cringles.


  • Sue Bruce, Chair of IRISR
  • Stuart Currie, Vice chair of IRISR
  • Lee Knifton, Reader, Management Science, University of Strathclyde
  • Kate Sang, Professor of Gender and Employment Studies 
  • David Strang, Chair of the Scottish Government’s Drug Deaths Taskforce
  • Satjit Singh, lecturer at Bayes Business School  
  • Paul Redfern, Audit Committee Adviser to The Electoral Commission and Audit and Risk Committee member of Together Housing Group
  • Neelam Bakshi, Governance and equality experience across public sector including education, justice, health, and local government. Current member of University of Strathclyde Court, JABS, and two judicial tribunals
  • Gordon Black, a GP and has also been the National Clinical Lead at Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Megan Moffat, policy officer at Who Cares? Scotland
  • Lillian Cringles, Chief Social Worker at Dumfries and Galloway Council
  • Iain MacAllister, Deputy Director of Regulation, Improvement and Integration Support Division
  • Kerry Brooks, Unit Head of Regulation and Improvement Unit
  • Arlene Crockett, Team leader of Regulation and Improvement Unit 
  • Laura Ferguson, policy officer and secretariat support 

Items and actions

Background and context of the review

A member of the secretariat delivered a presentation on:

  • social care regulatory bodies in Scotland
  • current legislation that supports regulation and inspection
  • the project times
  • two advisory panels
  • stakeholder engagement events     

Action point: the presentation to be shared with the panel and on the IRISR web page. 

Terms of Reference (ToR)

ToR were agreed in principle.  

Action point: two amendments to the wording of the ToR were agreed. The amended version will be shared with the panel and added to the IRISR webpage.

Stakeholder engagement strategy

The Chair shared an overview of the stakeholder engagement plans. 

Action point: draft stakeholder engagement strategy and event dates to be shared with the panel for comment (before being shared on IRISR web page).

Work plan for duration of review

The Chair and Vice Chair discussed ways of working during the review period and how information may be shared amongst the group.     

Action point: The panel to share and upload relevant research and documentation on Objective Connect – a secure system used by the Scottish Government to share detail with partners.

Next meeting

The next panel meeting will take place on: Friday 11 November (11:00 – 13:00) in St Andrews House, Edinburgh. 

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