Social care - Independent Review Panel minutes: December 2022 - easy read

Minute of Independent Review Panel in December 2022 in easy read format.

Independent Review Panel minutes: December 2022

Independent Review Panel Meeting

Minutes of meeting

Easy Read

Who was at the meeting?

Chair of meeting: Stuart Currie, Vice Chair Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation of Social Care in Scotland (IRISR).

Independent Review Panel Members

  • Gordon Black
  • Lillian Cringles
  • Megan Moffat
  • Paul Redfern
  • Kate Sang
  • David Strang
  • Lee Knifton

Scottish Government staff and secretariat

A secretariat is an admin team that gives support with meetings.

  • Kerry Brooks
  • Arlene Crockett
  • Laura Ferguson

Who could not come to the meeting?

  • Sue Bruce
  • Neelam Bakshi
  • Iain McAllister
  • Satjit Singh

Approval of previous minutes

An action is what will happen.

Action: Minutes from November meeting agreed and will be published on the IRISR website.

Update on stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders are people and organisations who support our work.

Engagement is when we communicate with people or have events to find out what they think about things.

The secretariat team gave an update about who was at stakeholder engagement events.

Vice Chair and the secretariat team agreed to analyse potential gaps in stakeholder engagement and make further arrangements.

Panel discussion - Theme 1: Person centred approach

Person centred care puts people and their families at the centre of decisions and sees them as experts, working with staff.

The Panel members shared their expertise and opinions about a person centred way of working for social care services.

The next Panel discussion will be: What needs to be inspected, scrutinised and regulated.

Final report

A draft means it is not the final version.

A draft report structure was shown to the Panel.

A structure means the way the report will be set out.

The Panel discussed changes to be made.

A new draft structure will be shared at the next meeting.

Blog entry

A blog is a piece of writing on a webpage.

It is written in a chatty style, like in a diary.

The Panel will think about a blog on the IRISR web page.

The blog would be about taking part in the Panel.

Date of next meeting

The next Independent Review Panel meeting will be on 10 January from 11am to 1pm at Victoria Quay, Edinburgh.



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