Social care - Independent Review Panel minutes: December 2022

Minutes of the Independent Review Panel meeting from 13 December 2022.


Attendees and apologies

Chair of the meeting

Stuart Currie (Vice Chair, Independent Review of Inspection, Scrutiny and Regulation IRISR)

Independent Review Panel members (the panel)

  • David Strang
  • Gordon Black
  • Kate Sang
  • Lee Knifton
  • Lillian Cringles
  • Megan Moffat

Scottish Government personnel and secretariat 

  • Kerry Brooks
  • Arlene Crockett
  • Laura Ferguson


  • Sue Bruce
  • Iain McAllister
  • Neelam Bakshi
  • Satjit Singh

Items and actions

Approval of minutes from November meeting

The panel approved the minutes and agreed to publish these on the IRISR website.

Update on stakeholder engagement

The secretariat team shared an update regarding the attendance at the stakeholder engagement events.

Vice Chair and the secretariat team agreed to analyse potential gaps in stakeholder engagement and make further arrangements.

Panel discussion - theme 1: person centred approach

The panel members shared their expertise and opinions regarding a person centred approach across social care services.

The next panel discussion will be: What needs to be inspected, scrutinised and regulated?

Structure of final report

A draft structure of the final report was presented to the panel.

The panel discussed amendments to be made and a new draft structure will be shared at the next meeting.

Blog entry volunteer

The panel will consider featuring in a blog entry and sharing views about participating in the panel on the IRISR web page.

Next meeting

The next panel meeting will take place on: Tuesday 10th January (11:00 – 13:00) at Victoria Quay.

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