Small Grants Programme: funding awards 2019 to 2020

A list of organisations awarded funding from the Small Grants Programme for international development in 2019 to 2020.

Project grants

The Turing Trust

This ICT project aims to provide digital skills to 9,000 Malawian girls, marginalised by gender, disability and geography and the necessary teacher training to create a sustainable pathway for digital education.

Total funding: £60,000

Children’s Medical Care Malawi (CMCM)

This project will support the upskilling of tutors  to provide essential paediatric emergency care training to 900 nursing students across four college sites in Malawi.

Total funding: £60,000

Seed for Life

This project represents the scaling up of a sustainable food programme in Bemvu, Malawi.

Total funding: £59,700

International Resources and Recycling Institute (IRRI)

This project will provide solar powered lighting and basic phone charging systems to five off-grid primary schools in Bvumbwe, Malawi leading to improved learning outcomes and teacher retention.

Total funding: £59,725

Leprosy in Utale Village Plus (LUV+)

This project will provide income generation support for nine communities of persons affected by leprosy in Zambia and Malawi.

Total funding: £59,800

Friends of Chitambo

A project to support further development of emergency response services in Chitambo District in central Zambia, including training for hospital and first responder staff, emergency call handler protocols and training, and promoting knowledge resources on emergency medicine in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Rwanda.

Total funding: £60,000

Feasibility study grants

STEKA Skills

Feasibility Study to determine if the process of empowering young Malawians witnessed during the scoping of the Dialogue Groups can be replicated and extended into a self-sustaining social enterprise.

Total funding: £9,869

The Isaro Network

Feasibility Study to assess food insecurity in the Makera watershed area, in Muhanga District, South Rwanda with the aim of developing a targeted community-centred approach to mitigate climate change and improve food security.

Total funding: £9,990

Charity Education International (CEI)

Feasibility Study to explore solar energy as an alternative source of electricity supply for Uttar Bangla University College in Bangladesh.

Total funding: £10,000

World Orthopedic Concern (WOC)

Feasibility study to map the trauma patient journey in six regions of Northern Malawi, leading to a report with recommendations for change and improvement.

Total funding: £7,170


Feasibility Study to assess and pilot two livelihood approaches for widows/children of deceased park rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Total funding: £10,000

Capacity building grants

Lake Victoria Disability Centre Scotland (LVDCS)

Capacity building for LVDCS (Scotland) and LVDC (Tanzania) to further develop safeguarding policies and procedures and the website.

Total funding: £9,980

Youth Economic Justice (YEJ)

Capacity building for the Myanmar in-country partner’s technical capacity for delivering innovative financial inclusion programmes for women who have experienced violence, in particular women who have been trafficked and exploited through illegal economic migration.

Total funding: £10,000

YES! Tanzania

Capacity building for YES! Tanzania and partner Umoja Tanzania to improve Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning and safeguarding arrangements.

Total funding: £9,986

Zambia Therapeutic Art (ZTA)

Capacity building for ZTA on communication, and for its Zambian partner/stakeholders on Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, professional training and safeguarding.

Total funding: £9,800

Diverse Talent

Capacity building in a number of areas for both Diverse Talent and their Zambian in-country partner, the Mukutasha Foundation, including fundraising, governance, safeguarding and Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning.

Total funding: £10,000

Just Wheels UK

Capacity building for Just Wheels UK to strengthen its organisational policies, management processes and governance; and to move forward in establishing a formal partner organisation, Just Wheels Tanzania, to partner in future activity.

Total funding: £9,705

Bethesda Khanko International (BKI)

A capacity building grant to build BKI’s Trustees capacities in a range of governance areas so they can better support their India-based partner.

Total funding: £2,800


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