Short-term lets: data collection specification

Data collection specification and example XML schema for the collection of licencing data for short-term lets.


This data specification contains the core questions to be used in the monitoring short term let licences by local authorities. It includes the acceptable methods and media for sending the data, the overall format of the data file, and rules governing when to send data. Definitions and validation checks on each variable are also provided. This document is intended to be a working document and will be updated periodically as required. The revisions log below provides the record of the nature and timing of these updates.

Revisions Log

21st July 2022- First draft of data specification

27th July 2022-  Add code descriptions to categorical returns

23rd August 2022 - Version 2 based on Local Authority feedback

8th September 2022- Final Version based on further feedback

31st March 2023 - Updated following 23rd February 2023 Data Working Group meeting discussions and associated email communications

29th September 2023 - Updated following 28th September 2023 Data Working Group meeting discussions, so that the specification contains all relevant changes for 1 October 2023 onwards



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